Back in the Saddle

What’s this, training? I have started my training again. The knee injury is not completely healed but I actually feel like I am on my way. I have been trying to increase the strength of my quads through squats, lunges and other exercises. The great thing about these exercises is that I have absolutely no pain while doing these.

I also rode my bike twice in the past week. After my shortened softball game and the rainy weather I rode on the trainer for 45 minutes. I had a little bit of irritation but nothing like I had in the past few months. I remember how absolutely boring riding a trainer can be if you are all by yourself. Almost as boring is running in a pool but more on that later. I even tried to watch movie but still caught myself checking the clock way to often. I was also able to ride 1 whole hour on Tuesday and again only had slight irrigation. But more importantly I am recovering much quickly. Usually it is at least a day before I feel like my knee is better. I really think I am on my way back.

My latest experimental workout is this thing called aqua jogging. It is definitely not as exciting as it sounds:) You have all seen those blue belts on the rack next to your local pool. Well I have now had the opportunity to see what all the excitement is about. The reason behind trying aqua jogging vs. the traditional running is to reduce the pounding my knee and tendons take while out on the road. I don’t feel like I am getting the same workout but I definitely get my heart rate up and at least getting some cardio.

The greatest part of the aqua jogging has to be all the people staring at you while you go back and forth, back and forth moving at the pace of a snail. I really hope this is temporary because I am not sure how I will adjust to having all this fun. If any of you wanna join me in pleeeeeeeeease feel free. I just know you are dying to try it:)