Softball Sunday's

A few Sunday’s ago I played in my first softball game in forever. I haven’t really played baseball since 5th grade when I played on a local kids team. I know I am suppose to be training for World’s but with my knee hurting whenever my workouts go beyond 30 minutes I didn’t think much would happen during a summer league softball game.

We are in the “D” league. I am not sure what the D stand for but a few quick thoughts popped into my head such as. Drunkenly Challenged, Dysfunctional, Dumbass and if you have any more great ideas I am sure we would love to hear them.

After a quick warm-up, the game began. Since my finger was feeling better but definitely not 100% I was placed in right field. I was put here because the majority of the batters are right handed and in baseball a right hander usually hits it to left field, HUH? If I just lost you that is ok because I think I lost myself too. As I think back I remember playing right field back in grade school, maybe it was a sign or just destiny getting me ready for my big debut in the “D” League softball tournament.

The first game went awesome. I am pretty sure I was 4 for 4 and had an in the park homerun. I think I only missed one catch that I should have made. One of my teammates did mentioned I looked a bit scared as I went to make one catch but I told him next time he chops off a finger tip and then plays softball he can give me all the crap he wants. We won the game 22-5 for our first victory of the season (last weekend we went 0-2, but I couldn’t make it because of my finger).

The second game didn’t start out so well and we were down 9-0 after the first inning. All my glory of batting 1.000 was washed away and in this game as I think I went 2-4 which included getting the last out of the game. We lost 20-10.

The thing I like the most was being able to do something athletic and not feeling any pain. My knee held out and I only bumped my finger once. I was just standing out in my lonely right field enjoying the moment and remembering what it is like to enjoy a day of doing something athletic and not having to worry about how long it will take my knee to recover.

This last weekend we were again out on the field getting ready for our games. The team we were playing thought they were a professional team. They even had jerseys with numbers. Some were even wearing baseball pants.

Our team, we were out there in sweatpants and t-shirts. It was lightly sprinkling and we were not sure if they were even going to let us play. Fortunately we were able get through most the game and it was definitely exciting playing with the rain coming down. Running the bases was a new challenge with all the mud that began to form. Unfortunately the team we were playing was not near as excited as we were and called the first game after they tied it up in the 6th inning. So we have to try to schedule a make-up game before the playoffs, hopefully it is not to sunny and they call the game because it is to warm:)