The Adventure BEGINS!!

Tomorrow morning at zero o’clock, I am off to Florida. Sounds like a great vacation right? Well most of the time will be nice and relaxing, all except for about 5 hours on Saturday morning. I really don’t know how my body is going to react to this race. The heat and humidity will definitely be a factor along with seeing how my body will hold up.

I have yet to ride over two hours for a few months and only have a handful of long rides. P-Dub has been in the back of a FedEx truck for the last week snuggling up to all the other lonely boxes. I just got word that he has arrived in Tampa and the weather is absolutely awesome. I haven’t heard if there was any damage during the trip since he was too busy hangin’ at the beach trying to pick up on the hot lady bikes rolling around.

Last weekend I was able to get in my first long run 1.5 hrs and covered about 10.5 miles. I was relieved that I felt good at the end, so that is a bonus. Thanks to Tim for joining me and getting me out for one last good effort.

As I leave the nice ‘COLD’ confines of my house in search of some sun and warmer weather, can’t wait to get the race started. Since dominating a race of this caliber is only for the best, I know what I should be capable of and anything less will just not work.

In case you are up at some ungodly hour out here on the west coast, my heat starts at 5:00am PST or 8:00am EST. My athlete number is #1411 and you can track all athletes at http://ironman.com/worldchampionship70.3.

I hope to keep you all posted on all the fun adventures in Clearwater. Stay Tuned!


Tiffany said...

First of all, I love that you used "zero o'clock"! Good call!

I'm so jealous that you are going to be able to soak up some rays while the rest of us are here freeing our butts off!

I think you are going into this race with a great attitude. It will be an awesome experience and you will have a great day! Can't wait to hear all about it! Good luck A+!

Josh said...

I like the part where you were talking about your bike!!! haha. I hope is is having fun without you. Good luck down at the big race. just stay relaxed and have fun! Keep us updated on your good times in the warm weather too!

Phaedra Cote said...

Oh Steve-o. I missed my flight this morning..on purpose. It's sad that I won't be there with ya'all....I remember how excited we all were at Lake Stevens. I honestly thought about coming anyway but I just can't swing it. I will be checking in on your progress and sending you fast thoughts. Hang on...it's a wild ride in Clearwater-be safe.

Give it all you've got, stay hydrated and whatever you do-live it up when you're done. You will earn it, I know.

P. Keebler

jessithompson said...

GO A+!!! I know you're gonna give it all you've got and although the journey to Clearwater hasn't been a smooth one, I know you'll learn tons and have a great time - NO REGRETS! We'll be cheering our guts out from Spokane and thinking of you guys non-stop on race day (and of course following along on the computer).

After the race, the love ends and we'll be hating you and jealous that you're vacationing in paradise without us ;) - nah, you deserve it.

Miss ya and hope the trip meets all your expectations!

Word, B!
J. Deere

Matt said...

remember we do this for fun...Enjoy it. Your body has the fitness and muscle memory and you will rock it! Check out some of the nude beaches with your bike, you both may get lucky..

Good luck and have a blast! Keep us updated.

LORIE said...

I will be following the race and cheering for you!!! HAVE FUN! Good skill my friend.