Day 2: The Day Before

Well this morning came early enough. Once again waking up at 4 am it was time to get up and start the day. I guess it wasn't 4am here but it was back home. I opened my eyes to the sun shining and couldn't wait to see Florida.

As promised, here is the view out our condo. Tim, I think it may look a little different then yours now.

After eating some breakfast we headed down to go for a swim, a quick brick workout and get checked in. When I walk out the door just after 8 am I was shockeed on how warm it was. I am beginning to think how warm it is going to be during the race.

After meeting up with Eve Nelson, we headed down to the beach for my first ocean swim. The water looks just like all the lakes back home, but as soon as your face hits you can instantly taste the salt.

Eve and I getting all suited up.
Steve Kramer, Eve, myself and Greg before our swim.
The swim is a beach start, which means you have to run down the beach and into the water. At Clearwater, the shallow water extends about 100 feet before it is deep enough to dive in and start swimming. We started out with a few practice runs and then headed out for about a 1/2 mile swim. Overall I was please with the swim and since the water was relatively flat it really wasn't that different then swimming in the lakes around Spokane.

Coming back aftere the swim. I grab Nat a seashell only later to find out it still had a creature living inside.

The freshwater showers used after you are done with the swim.

We then headed out on our bikes for a short ride. This was my first ride on P-Dub since he was shipped off and it went pretty good. I am having a few shifting issues but I think it will be ok for the race.

Greg and I before our ride.

Nat, Greg and I on our run. Notice our fancy new visors.

We followed the ride up with a run and our new visors, Thanks Emma. Also thanks to my awesome teammates for the goodies and great quotes for the bike. It will definitely be inspiration while I am out there sweating my ass off.

P-Dub all ready to go.
Time to play like a champion. Thanks B's.


Tiffany said...

LOL!!! I LOVE that you guys ran in your visors! Way to go! The wrath of Emma is pretty good motivation, huh?

Glad you guys are enjoying some nice weather and happy to hear your first ocean swim went well. Can't wait for tomorrow! Remember to go "fost"! Best of luck, B!

Josh said...

It looks so nice down there!! I am Jealous. I wish you could see the nonstop rain we have up here in good old Spokane! tomorrow is the big day. Just relax and have fun. Looking forward to seeing a race report :).

jessithompson said...

Way to go, A+! I've been following you all day and can say that you're one tough, B! I know you were hurting out there and still went for it. We're so proud of you. Way to represent!!!

Phaedra Cote said...

Steve-O! So glad to see you guys enjoying yourselves. I about now I bet you are all having a REALLY good time since the race was today.

I can't wait to hear all about it....

P. Keebler

M-Dot said...

Way to go Steve-O Looks awesome down there. Way to go at your race we followed you all as much as possible. Looks like you're having fun down there.
M & J

Trish said...

Hope that your race went well! Now the real fun can begin :) Enjoy the rest of your trip and I expect a full race report when you get back!