Bongo Bangers!!!

So Tuesday night was our last night we spent in Florida. After spending the day at the beach we decided to head out and see what the little town of Dunedin to offer. Be sure to pronounce it du ni din instead of dun din, because the locals will look at you funny. Before the night was done, I am pretty sure I have found my new calling. I doesn't involve landscaping or triathlons, I am starting a band.

After walking through the extremely large downtown district, all 3 blocks of it, we decided to head to the local brewery for a few drinks and some appetizers. Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into.

As we grabbed the closest table, we noticed that a band was setting up on a small stage right next to us. We thought this could be fun, sitting here listening to some live local music.

Before you knew it, there were probably 10 people gathering around with bongo drums. We are now trying to comprehend what is actually going on. Apparently every Tuesday night the locals gather at the brewery and have a drum circle. They all get together, bring their own drums and instruments and sit around and play music. There was even a didgeridoo, who knew they actually play thouse things outside of Australia. They encourage dancing and if you are game, you can even join in and play one of the extra drums.

Natalie and Lyara

Lyara and I playing in the band.

First off, Lyara jumps to the side of the stage and grabs a drum. Before you know it Natalie is sitting next to here also playing a drum. Since I really didn't want to just sit back and do nothing I jumped in for a few minutes. It has to be one of the weirdest, most interesting, and fun times of our trip.

Here is some video of this crazy night.


So if any of you have an extra set of bongo drums and want to join my band just let me know.


LORIE said...

Looks like a blast. Good for you for not sitting on the sidelines!!

jessithompson said...

HILARIOUS! I bet all your friends from Reardan with have a hayday with that one, Keith! ;)

And of course, in true A+ fashion, I will join your band as long as I don't have to sing... that's not good for anyone.

Anonymous said...

I loved this night in Florida! Playing in the drum spin was a new experience and definitely added flavor to our trip. Props to you for joining the drum fun. Don't forget to mention you and Greg also kicked our asses at darts later at the local ladies' night! I had a blast with you in FL, Stever! I know it was a tough race for you, but you're already bouncing back and on your way to becoming a first time Ironman! Can't wait for our next trip. ;)

Phaedra Cote said...

glad to see you guys had such a good time. I missed being there!!

I can't wait to watch the video-get er done.