Liver? What Liver?

+A was on(off) their game tonight!

This weekend was about letting loose and having a good time. The party began with the Tri-Fusion End of the Year (night of over-21 beverages) Party. Though many of these people train hard, there are just a few times a year they might just party harder.

One of many visits to the bar!

How could I resist?

Hanging with the boys. Turtle, Me, Captain and Eric

The party was awesome and it was great to catch up with everyone. I will say that I did my fair share of beverage drinking and had to pay for it the next morning. I can’t say I was completely worthless but if there is anything just above that state, then I was there.


In case you were to busy trying to watch 'good football teams' play this weekend you missed a great game. Like they say, throw out the record books, honestly PLEASE throw them out, atleast for this year.

The Cougs came through with yet another awesome game and beat the Fuskies for the 4th time in the last 5 years. AWESOME!!


Then it was time to head to the old stomping grounds and celebrate my buddy’s wedding.

The first glass of beer had memories of the night before but once it starts flowing; only trouble follows. The wedding was a blast.

Out for the garter catching. I was acutally called out by the groom over the mic because I didn't come out at the beginning.

Apparently there was a box of glasses from the 1950’s sitting around and what kind of party would it be if they were just left laying there. Definitely a highlight of the night was seeing all the different types of glasses people actually wore back then.
Dancing! I don't even know who took the picture because the glasses made everything a blur, well until later in the night when everything started to clear up.
Look at those glasses!
Seriously, everyone had them on.

Well, I can definitely say I am glad this weekend is over. Now it is time to go through detox and get back to REAL life.


LORIE said...

Great to see you at the Trifusion party. Looks like you had quite the weekend!!!! Whoa! Good thing you're young. :-)

Tiffany said...

Wow, Keith! You sure had a fun-filled weekend! I forgot you had that wedding on Friday! I'm impressed that you rallied for it after Friday night...guess you're still a Coug at heart, huh? ;)