Mid-Week Workouts

Tuesday's are always about the BLT's. We usually head out at a nice warm-up pace and then slam the hammer down and go anaerobic back to the houses. Today was a nice break from the norm. Today I rode with Jessi, Tiffany and Katey. This was the maiden voyage for Tiffany's new bike and she was just a little scared. It was exciting to see her work through all the nervousness and even did a great job working into aero position. The ride was not the usual speedfest but it was still a great workout and it was fun to ride with some new people. As usual I rode home and even stayed in aero up the Francis hill. I am really trying to get my shoulders and back use to that position and each ride seems better and better. It is great to have an addition to TEAM Cervelo.
Wednesday was all about running. I was going to join Tim for a easy 4-5 mile run but since he felt like a day off was needed I had to motivate myself. After sitting at home really wanting to just relax I pushed myself out the door. This was my first real run since last Wednesday and I knew it was going to be important to push myself and see how my ankle would feel. After running for a bit and thinking every small ache was something serious I began to feel pretty good. When it was all said and done I had just over 4 miles under me and was at a respectable 7:30 pace. This is quite a bit slower that I would like to run this Sunday but I had to get out and see what I could do. The leg was a bit sore afterwards but nothing that will keep me from running this weekend.


jessithompson said...

Nice job on those workouts. Fun to ride with your, Tiffany, and Katey on Tues! Glad the ankle is hanging in there!

Tiffany said...

You are a total rock star on PW! I can only dream of riding as fast as you! Thanks for slowing down to hang out with "the little people." :)

I'm so happy to hear your ankle is feeling better and that it was only a minor injury! Can't wait to hear how awesome you do on Sunday!