Still time to Play!!!

Even though I am in the thick of my Ironman training, I have still been able to find a little bit of time to play. Last year at this time ALL I could think about was Ironman...basically eat, sleep and drink it. This year is different. I know the race is still one of the toughest physical challenges there is so I am trying to force myself to not get complacent, but that doesn't mean having some fun is out of the question.

Underwater Close-Up!

For the past few months my triathlon club, Tri-Fusion, has set aside some money for us to hire professional coaches to instruct us on anything triathlon. From swimming, biking, running or even nutrition. We offer the instructor $50 for their time and in turn get priceless information to help us improve. Basically free coaching...and when it comes to triathlon, free anything is AWESOME!!!

As of now, we have really only used it for our Sunday Master Swims at OZ North. We bring in a swim coach and get technical advice for the 1.5 hour session. Since I get the majority of my distance workouts done during the week, it is really nice focus on technique and all the small things that ALWAYS need a little bit of adjusting.

The other great thing about these swims are the laid back atmosphere and the fun people. We are always cracking jokes at each other, at the coaches and for the most part at ourselves. We try impossible drills like swimming freestyle backwards or doing the V-Skull. Honestly, without these workouts, there is no way I would enjoy this sport and swimming as much as I do.

Cool Picture with the Refraction
Note how big the legs are compared to the tiny heads.

Rotation Drill: Helps you focus on your core while swimming...Way more fun for the person holding the legs.

It almost looks like I know what I am doing right here...ALMOST!

Kick Sets!!! I am pretty sure I will NEVER enjoy these.

Apparently Coach Glory makes fun of me because of how 'unstreamlined' I am when I push off the wall.
How about dem apples?

In true triathlete fashion, it turned into a competition on who could push off the wall and glide the farthest.

So if you are a perfect swimmer and have absolutely NO room for improvement then maybe these swims are not for you but if by some chance you spend countless hours swimming by yourself, watching instructional videos on the internet or reading books, save yourself some time and stop by OZ and get some one on one coaching.

I would like to send out a special thanks to Jessi for getting these organized each week.


jessithompson said...

Love these workouts... I have learned so much from Luke and Rory. I think that triathletes in general put way too much focus on distance and not enough on technique. These opportunities to work on efficiency as well as get feedback have been priceless. Thanks for posting the pics on the gallery - much appreciated.