One Hill of a Ride!!!

Within all the Ironman training there are a few weekends that you look forward too. I like to refer to them as the 'Easy Weeks'...but the term is used very lightly. As I glance at my workout schedule for each week, the first thing I do is go to my Saturday ride just to see what I am in for and well basically start the mental preparation that it takes for me to convince myself that a 4, 5, or 6 hour ride actually sounds like fun. BTW- I usually fail miserably when my rides exceed the time it takes to drive to Seattle.

After two big weeks in a row, this week was an 'Easy Week' and all I had was a 3 hour ride with a short brick to follow. For the record, I can easily talk myself into believing a 3 hour ride will be fun...how sick is that :)

After meeting up with Eric Worden, Ron Crenshaw and the gang we headed out to find some hills. Now since I haven't been able to get over to the Ironman CDA course very often, finding hills is a must and well I think we found EVERY freakin' one on the north side of Spokane for this ride. It was a ton of fun riding with some new blood and getting out to see what the legs could handle with a little lactic acid as we climbed hill after hill.

So if you are interested adding a few hills to your next ride, try a few of these out.

Take Mill to Waikiki and out Rutter Parkway: 2 Hills
Turn right on Rutter Parkway (towards 9 Mile Falls): No Hills :)
Turn right on Nile Mile Rd: 1 Hill (Big Sandy)
Turn right on Jergens: 1 Hill
Turn left on Swenson: 1 BIG Hill
Turn right on Casburg-Borroughs: No Hills :)
Turn right on Monroe: No Hills :)
Turn left on Staley: 1 Hill
Cross Hwy 395 and head on Denison-Chattaroy: 1 Hill
Turn right on Perry: No Hills :)
Turn right on Chattaroy Rd: 1 STEEP Hill
Turn left on Perry: 1 Hill
Follow to Little Spokane Dr and take to Mill: 1 BIG Hill

Now these are the 'Get out of the Saddle' and 'Wish you had a Grannie Gear' climbs along this route. There are still plenty of rollers and other challenging areas to really make you work.

Thanks to Eric for mapping it out and putting together a great ride.

Eric W. and Ron C. shedding some layers after BIG Sandy

Waiting for the train at the base of one climb...What the Buck!?!?!

You can get very close to the train...these things are LOUD!!!

At least there was some artwork to look at while we waited.

Some more train art...not sure how they paint this, these things are moving pretty quick!

What a great way to enjoy my 'Easy Week' ride. It was a nice change of pace and I was done with my ride and run before NOON!!! For someone training for Ironman, that is like finding the Holy Grail of free time...something I don't have too much of.

We are now 5 weeks out from Ironman...let the countdown begin!!!


jessithompson said...

It was cool to hear how strong you were on this ride. Way to go! Love all the pics!

Spokane Al said...

Steve, I followed your directions and rode your route yesterday. It really is a great ride and was a terrific test to measure my recovery after each of those robust hills. Plus, it was a very scenic ride as well.

Thanks for posting it.