Lap After Lap...

On Thursday, Coach Kevin began practice by saying "This is going to be a FUN practice..." and we usually know we are in for some that in all honestly is going to be anything but fun. This is when he asks a few of us to grab the mats and bring them to the end of the pool which in swimmer language means 'ALL KIND OF PAIN' !!!

For many of you it might be difficult to see how FUN and PAIN can be used to describe the same thing but in Kevin's mind...they do.

So on to the all kinds of pain workout. Basically it is dry land exercises mixed in with a bit of swimming.

Main Set:

Swim 100 yards
10 Pull-Ups on the blocks
Swim 100 yards
10 Body Weight Squats
Swim 100 yards
20 Crunches
Swim 100 yards
10 Push-Ups
Swim 100 yards
20 Crunches

and then repeat 4-5 times...

Now this starts out pretty easy. Your arms are fresh and getting in and out of the pool is not an issue but as you move into sets 3, 4 and 5 each effort is that much more difficult. Then there is the issue of trying to transition back into a perfect stroke for your 100's. Your arms begin to burn in the first 25 and you wish the was a hoist to lift you out of the pool for each exercises.

See it can be fun ;)

So if you are looking to mix things up and try something new, give this a shot. It is a great way to build some additional strength and yet still get a great swim workout in.

Each and every Friday, is called 'Fun Friday' which basically means...we get to use toys during out workout. Fins, cords and weights racks. This is another great way to change up your workouts.

The reason we use the fins is to let us know what it feels like to swim fast...something that will probably never really happen. No really, the reason why is to help you feel drag in the water and eventually help you reduce it and make you a more efficient swimmer. Basically I call it, 'Waiting for a Cramp' set because usually I am trying to kick too hard and almost every time some part of my leg decides to cramp up.

When you are swimming 3-4 times a week, things can get tedious. Back and forth, up and down the lane over and over. Flip turn after flip turn. At our Spokane Waves Masters swim practices we have a few things to mix it up a bit...

Jessi and Tiffany finishing Breastroke with the cords.

The cords are another 'Fun' and yet painful (see I used it again) device to help build power and feel speed in the water. The goal is to swim from one end of the pool to the other trying your hardest to reach the bulkhead before the cord stops you. It starts off easy and as the rubber tubing stretches it gets more and more difficult. Eventually you either stop and have to grab the lane line or you reach the end and grab the bulkhead.

The best part of cords is the way back. You really get an idea of how your body moves through the water.

The weight racks are all about power. You are attached to the rack by a belt and the goal is to swim as hard as you can to pull the weights to the top...and according to Kevin it should be done in about 8 seconds. I am still working on trying to remember pictures and videos during the workout so hopefully next time I can show them off.

So if you are getting bored in the pool and tired of counting lap after lap might I suggest you throw one of these workouts in and see what happens.


Tiffany said...

Glad you're getting good use of your new camera and having so much "fun" in the pool! ;)

Josh said...

Man I missed two solid days of swimming. Dang it!

Robyn said...

I miss swimming with you guys!!! (but not all kinds of fun) Keep up the good work training!

Nat said...

I love your pics and the topic! You all make masters so much more enjoyable. I'm looking forward to watching your hard work pay off on Ironman day!!

jessithompson said...

Great post, Keven! Although these are tough, they do mix it up, although I'm pretty sure it's the company that makes the workouts fun.