Bloomsday 2010- Race Report

Ohh Bloomsday!!! How I forget how much you hurt.

The plan for this race was to run hard, run fast and do whatever I could to try and beat last years time...weather it by 1 second or 1 minute, I really didn't care.

Leading up to the race, I had many people tell me how easy it was going to be because of all the training I have been doing. It can be hard to explain but once again just because this race is shorter, doesn't mean it is easy AT ALL!!! Yes if I needed to, I could have run the course one, two or maybe even three times(ok lets not get too crazy) but when the effort is increased and you are running with your heart wanting to jump out of your chest...it really doesn't matter if it is 100 yards or 100 miles, it all hurts just in a different way.

I am not going to lie, going into Bloomsday I really didn't feel like I was faster than last year. I knew I was in much better shape but faster...not so much. My base training is leaps and bounds ahead of last year but speed work isn't really in the cards when you are training for Ironman.

After looking up last years time and doing a little math...I was going to have to run sub 6:19/mile to beat my time. Well I guess I would have only had to run one mile just one second under that pace and in all reality that would have been perfect.

After a short warmup, getting spoiled with the gear drop for 2nd seed, I found myself one person from the front of the pack. Now this was probably not the smartest idea since I barely qualified last year but it was still pretty freakin' cool standing up front with some amazingly fast runners.

When the gun went off it was time to kick it in high gear and see what this body could do for the next 40 something minutes. After forgetting to start my watch when I crossed the timing mats, I had to rely on my buddy Rob for our Mile 1 split...it was at this point he says 5:45...it was at this point I said...HOLY $%&#!!!

This was way to fast but knowing the first 1.5 miles are down hill I knew it couldn't hurt to bank at least a few seconds for Doomsday Hill. Mile 2 flew by at 5:55 and it was at this point, I wasn't sure if the wheels could hang on for the next 5.5 miles.

Heading up Doomsday Hill...Hurts So Good!!!

Photo by Josh Burdick

I was soon slapped back into reality with a few miles in the high 6:20's and low 6:30's but found a groove and ran my last mile in 6:15 and finished with a new PR for Bloomsday of 46:32...a whole 36 seconds faster than last year. Even though the speed work is all but none existent, my overall endurance is better and I was able to push the entire race and finish strong.

Another successful Bloomsday in the books and I guess I just set the bar that much higher for next year :)

Until next time...


Spokane Al said...

Wow! Congratulations.

Carla said...

Congrats Steve! We are super proud of you! Less than a month and instead of commenting on your blog, I can comment about it to your face... daily :)

Rory Buck said...

Nice work Steve. For not doing speed work at all your first two miles were fast as hell. Nice work holding on and finding that groove.

Tiffany said...

Way to go, Keven! Although I'm not that impressed, I'm stoked that you beat last year's time! ;) You're running with the big boys now!

Matt said...

Great race you looked strong out there, the IM Volume is paying off.

As others have stated, dont need speed work to go fast. You have shown this at BD!

Also best way to increase VO2 max is increase Volume.

Keep up the hard work Senor!