Back in Action

Today was going to be a great day. Throughout the winter I have joined a group of friends every Tuesday and Thursday morning to do a weight circuit. The workout has a high intensity and works the legs and upper body. I showed up a few minutes late (just can’t always get out of bed) but was able to jump right in and have a great workout. I started my shoulder exercises and it was awesome to know I am on the road to recovery.

During the winter months my job usually consists of me sitting behind a desk at the computer. Today my coworker Kryssie and I went out to survey a new client’s house. It was nice to spend a few hours outside during the day. Though it was still pretty chilly, we really enjoyed soaking up a few rays.

On my way home I finally jumped back in the pool. I am not sure why I completely abandoned my pool workouts but was truly surprised how good the arm felt. I guess I could have probably started swimming earlier but now that I know the injury is relatively easy to heal, I am eager to get working on my stroke. I was surprised how good it felt to get back in the water even though there was an aerobic class filling almost the entire pool. I am looking into a swim coach to help prevent further injuries and eventually become a better swimmer.

Until next time!


Phaedra Cote said...

Steve-O! I just stumbled upon your blog, didn't know you had one! We going to start seeing you at the Sunday swims now? I'll keep checkin' in on ya.

Power to the little people!

jessithompson said...

Glad your shoulder felt good!