Gettin' Outside

Today was the first day I was able to ride outside this year. It was a beautiful day and I joined a great group of people. Fourteen people from my Tri-Fusion group set out to hit the road at 12:30. As I was getting ready to put on a pair of old socks over my shoes to help keep my feet warm, the awesome Scates' loaned me an extra pair of shoe covers. I think they added at least a half mile per hour during the ride, without them I might still be out there trying to catch up. Most importantly I looked the part of a cyclist, instead of a goofball wearing white cotton socks over his shoes. The sun was shining and everyone was in great spirits. I have spent all winter on my trainer and in the gym attending spin class. This was the first time I was able to see if all the hard work was going to pay off, at I think it has.

Our ride started out at Starbucks (you will see this is very common for Tri-Fusionites) in Wandermere. We rode over to Highway 2 and then out to Miller's One-Stop. It was about 20 miles out and took about an hour. For me and three others this was our turnaround point while the others went another 10-30 minutes. I could definitely tell the legs were getting tired on the way back.
We made it back to Starbucks while only losing one person (he just seemed to disappear), one flat tire and a small issue with a back wheel. I unfortunately didn't have any problems and really enjoyed getting outside and breathe the fresh air. We ended the ride sitting around Starbucks telling interesting stories about the day's ride and past experiences on riding in cold or crappy weather.


jessithompson said...

Fun to get a chance to ride with ya a bit this afternoon and soak up the sunshine. Although the socks may have looked a little dorky, let me say that the fact that you were willing to wear them so you could be out there is only a true testament of your hard-coreness. No glamour issue is going to keep you down! :)

LORIE said...

I wondered if you guys were going to go out yesterday morning. Sounds like it was a blast. Always good to get off those trainers and breathe fresh air instead of Ben's ass in front of you. . .:-) Cool to see TriFusion is making a good showing. The club is a blessing.

PS I thought you looked glamorous with the socks.