Under the Weather

Yesterday I was attacked a runny nose. This wasn't your typical slow jog of a runny nose it was like the run portion of an ironman. Normally you start with the congested feeling for a few days and then the runny nose symptoms begin. Well I my case that congestion phase was completely skipped and the facet was turned on.

I was able to survive my spin class without to many snotworks. I showed up about 5 minutes before class and had to ride one of the crappy old bikes. It took me like 10 minutes to get it set up and it was still not right. I am pretty sure I can blame the bike for the additional knee soreness I felt throughout the day. I would like to blame all the new people in the class but really it’s just my fault for not crawling out of bed. I have begun to realize I need to take it a bit easier in the classes and work more on technique vs. cardio improvement. I think I am going to start to reduce my number of classes each week and either ride more on the trainer or hopefully get outside and enjoy the northwest.

After going through at least one box of tissues I knew the only thing I could do to try and beat this cold was to workout. I decided I was going to go for a long run after work and stop when I felt like the nose issue was toast. I really haven’t been running to far lately, typically only 3-4 miles at a time. The goal was to run for 1.5 hr and see how I felt.

I left my house at a pretty good pace (for me) and didn't really have a particular route I was going. I just started running. The legs felt pretty good and because I am usually a mouth breather anyways the nose really didn't bother me. Well I only ran for 1:04 but was able to cover about 8 miles. The pace wasn't speedy fast at 8 min/mile but definitely something I feel I can hang my hat on at this point in the season. It was a great workout and was actually kind of nice to just get out and run all by myself.


jessithompson said...

I did a lot of research last winter on spinning vs. riding on your trainer.

Although there's a lot to be said for having a workout that is fun and that you're motivated to go and do... the research shows that riding your own bike is the best bang for your buck time wise.

I just did a post about what I learned, so be sure to check it out.

Tiffany said...

Hi Steve! I found the link to your blog through Jessi and have been looking at it and not commenting since we don't really know each other aside from one headlamp run. But then I thought about how it bothers me when people read my blog and don't comment, so here I am!

I must say I applaud how often you get up early to work out. 1-2 times a week is about all I have in me. You are an inspiration.

Here is my piece of advice where runny noses are concerned: whatever you do, DON'T get a massage. From first hand experience, snot dripping out of your nose the entire time really takes away from the enjoyment of the whole thing!