Skate Skiing

The morning began doing our weight workout at the gym. Our fearless leader was absent so Sheena, a fellow Tri-Fusionite and friend wrote up her own little workout. It was a great mix of core and legs and it felt pretty good to get through it. We had to start early (at 5:00 am) and of course I showed up a few minutes late, but only like five.

This evening marked my second attempt at skate skiing up on Mt. Spokane. I joined four great people, Jessi, Roger, Natalie and Greg (all part of Tri-Fusion) for a great workout under the stars. This time we did not have the great instruction of Robin but Jessi and Roger filled in nicely.
As I clipped into the skis I thought this was going to be easy, I have already spent a couple of hours learning last time and so this time it should be a breeze, right? Well, I started off pretty shaky but the snow was a bit softer and I seemed to get the hang of it a bit faster. Last time the hardest part was going up the hills. This time it was pretty easy but I REALLY need to work on the downhill part(see picture above). Every single time I get going with any speed I hit the snow, hard. When I snowboard I can usually count on one hand how many times I fall throughout the entire day. It takes both hands and my toes to count how many times I fall in the short 1.5 hour workout.

I just keep telling myself to get up and do it again. You can't let such a simple little hurdle in the race of life stop you from reaching your goals. Thanks again for all the fun and looking forward to the next time.


jessithompson said...

YOU ARE A STUD and you learn fast. I was so impressed by your progress from your first lesson! Nice work, buddy! Fun adventure too - Can you say all the way to the Nova Hut baby?!?! :)

LORIE said...

Just move forward. That is sometimes what I tell myself during a race. Just move forward. Good work Steve!!!