Personal Swim Workout

Today I woke up really sore for my run yesterday. I could only imagine how sore I would have been if I didn't take my Recover-Ease. According to the Thompson's they are the most important thing in their life other than their daughter, Emma. I usually make it to the morning weight workouts but decided with the extra effort I put in last night that I could sleep in. It was actually kind of relaxing during the morning and yet I was still at work by 7:05 am.

Since my shoulder has been feeling better lately, I decided to try and play catch-up with everyone who has been attending the Morning's with Martin on Sundays. I tried to complete one of the workouts they had done a few weeks ago after work. The swim started out pretty good but eventually I was feeling the fatigue. I am sure it was a combination of Sundays swim, Mondays run and the fact that I woke up on the hour EVERY hour from 11 pm on last night. I was able to finish just over half the workout and really noticed by technique and energy began to diminish. I finished a few more laps focusing on the technique and called it a day.

I have learned that one of the most important things you can do is listen to your body. I am not saying that you shouldn't push yourself at times but definitely listen to how your body feels. There will always be another day to push yourself to your limits. I feel I have really come a long way in the last few months and can’t wait to get out and race.


jessithompson said...

You are SO RIGHT. If you're getting run down, recovery is critical. I think it's really overlooked (hence my obsession with Recover Ease :). I haven't missed a workout in 3 weeks and decided my body needed the extra sleep today. It was hard not to feel like a whimp, but I figure it's better than having to miss a week later on if I get sick.

When you're training hard, you're draining your 'tank'... it's sort of like leaving a light on inside your car... a slow drain on your battery. If you're not careful and do some things to replenish your 'battery' (i.e. SLEEP, massage, stretching, healthy food, etc.) eventually you won't be able to start your car at all... or you'll be running on fumes.

So, I think you're smart to listen to your body. Nice work.

LORIE said...

Steve: I admire your dedication. I think it is MOST important to listen to your body and it is a sensitive balance of finding that and pushing yourself.

You should be proud of your work.

Chris said...

Hey Steve,

I just got my REI Dividend! $13.80! Whohoo!

So I think I should buy some napkins with it, or maybe a cardboard box.

Not too big this year!