Morning's with Martin Swim Workout

Today I joined the Tri-Fusion club for my first group swim workout. I have heard lots of great stories but had yet to experience the workout. I started off worrying about how I was going to get into Oz Fitness without having to pay the $15 day pass. Let's just say I worked my magic and the girls at the front desk couldn't resist. HeHe. After getting all dressed down for the swim it was actually kind of intimidating. It wasn't the people but rather the long workout. I really haven't been swimming in the last few months and the triathletes have been doing these workouts for the last few months.
I started out in the middle swim speed lane and still new to the swimming in a group technique, I kept catching up to the feet in front of me. So I thought I dabbled in the big boys (and two girls) lane for a couple laps and realized I better get back where I belong. I really didn't know what to expect from my shoulder and realized that it was going to hold up just fine. Once I understood the pace and type of swim strokes we were using it was great to get back in the pool. I believe the workout consisted of about 2,900 yards but I added a few extra for good measure.
After the workout I was able to spend a few minutes with Jessi Thompson working on my flip turns. I have never really tried them for the small fact that the whole pool seems to go up my nose. Fresh water in the nose is one thing, add a ton of chlorine and the pain doubles. I started out pretty ugly but finished with one good turn and thought that would be a great place to stop (everyone else was out of the pool and on the way to Starbucks, 'surprise') and build on it the next time I get in the pool.
As after almost every Tri-Fusion event we ended at Starbucks and it was once again a great opportunity to sit and listen to all these extremely experienced triathletes and try to pick up on some little tip that could help me during the following season. There are times when I think I might finally be getting the hang of this sport and then quickly realize that I really don't know anything. I see myself as a sponge during these brief chat sessions and try to absorb all and anything that can help me become a better triathlete and person. These are truly the right people to be around.


jessithompson said...
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jessithompson said...

So glad you came to the swim and it was a blast workin' on those flip turns with you... at least we didn't drink the entire pool and left a little water for others. Nice work today - hope you sneak ;) in for more swims Mr. Front Desk Ladies Man.

LORIE said...

Good Job. I laughed when you said you tried to get in the "A" lane and had to move back to the "B" lane. I would be sitting in the hot tub . . .so no worries.