Family Comin' to Town

This morning I joined my spin class for a nice little ride. I am now reducing my anaerobic workouts in the class and trying to keep my heart rate down. To accomplish this in these classes can be difficult but I am slowly gaining an understanding of how my body works which is really helping.

Lately I have been attending our weekly HLR (Headlamp Runs) with my Tri-Fusion group members. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the group run because my sister and her husband were flying in and I had to pick them up. I hurried home from work so I could get my own HLR in. I ran a nice 4 mile loop and felt pretty good. I didn't have the energy I had for my Monday run but it was still nice to get out there.

My sister will be here for a week for my dad's birthday, so it will be great to spend some time with the family. I am pretty sure they all think I am crazy for doing these triathlons but it is always great to hear the support they give.


jessithompson said...

Missed you at the workouts this week, but glad that you're gettin' some time in with the family!

LORIE said...

Family time is certainly the best time. . . :-)