The Day Before

Does anyone know what it is like to get up at 10:30 a.m? Well for the first time in forever I was able to sleep in. It feels like you waste part of the day away but on this day it totally felt awesome. I really had nothing planned today so I was in no hurry to do anything.

After sitting around for a few hours and looking out at the great sunshine, I went for a recovery run. I wasn't sure how long I was going to go but felt pretty good and made it back to my house about 50 minutes later. It is amazing to see how much the snow has melted away over the last few days. Early last week it seemed like we would be buried until April and now the snow seems to melt away at inches a day.

A few weeks ago I injured my shoulder training in the weight room which has forced me to stop my swim workouts. I am normally a pretty quick healer so in my youthful wisdom decided I would just stop the shoulder workouts and be good as new in no time. Well as the weeks passed and not showing any real improvement, I finally called and scheduled a doctor appointment. I go at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow and hopefully the diagnosis is good. I NEVER go to the doctor and hopefully he has postive news because I really can't afford to miss much more time out of the pool before my race in June.


jessithompson said...

I'm proud of you for actually making the appointment. You owe it to yourself. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you... keep me posted how it goes.

LORIE said...

How was the doctor? I have tried and tried to sleep in! I would love that! Congrats! Nice job listening to your body and letting it recover. . . sleep is the best recovery. . . in my opinion.