Great Weekend so Far!!

For the last month or so I have been joining my Tri-Fusion group for Saturday morning BAT's (Bikes and Trainers). There had been talk of trying to get outside and do a ride out on the roads. When I got home late last night there happen to be 1/2 inch of snow, I was pretty sure we would cancel the ride and get stuck indoors once again.

I decided to ride my trainer at my house and just happen to pick a great time. As I started pedaling, I turned on the TV and Ironman Kona was on. I can definitely tell you that watching the pros and age-groupers is very inspiring. All I could think was that some day I was going to be an Ironman. I rode for two hours finishing while watching Napoleon Dynamite. I totally forgot how funny that movie is. After the bike ride I went on a nice 30 minute run around my neighborhood. The weather was beautiful with a crisp breeze in the air. I had recently purchased a new pair of shoes and my lower legs could feel it. The run started out well with my calves beginning to get sore. I was able to run through it and I am pretty sure the next run will be better.

After taking a three hour nap (yes Friday night was a long night) I went over to my buddy Joe and his wife Erika's house to watch the Cougars play Oregon. The cougars hadn't won in Eugene since 1995. Well since Edgar (Joe and Erika's dog) was wearing his lucky Cougar bandana, the Cougs pulled it off and are now on a nice little 3 game win streak.

Later that evening I joined my cousins Brandi and Nicki with a bunch of their friends for a few beers and shuffleboard at the Season Ticket then headed to Jimmy Z's for some dancing. This weekend was a lot of fun.


jessithompson said...

Missed ridin' with you this weekend, buddy - hopefully next weekend. If we would have done our ride today, we would have been lovin' it. Check out this sunshine!