Always Be Prepared

Today was an EXCITING day: So one problem with trying to ride after work and leaving from your work is that you need to pack everything the night before, get it loaded in the car and make sure that you have brought everything. So after work I decided I would go on a 1:20 ride out Highway 2 and then head back to work and go home.

So when I mounted my ALWAYS reliable bike and headed off I realized that I didn't have my bike pump for those extremely rare times I get a flat. It is been many miles and rides since I have flatted and was pretty sure I would make it back ok for just one more. Yeah, not so lucky. I had left the Mead area and decided to ride out to Riverside. I think it was about 15 miles out and that seemed like it would be a nice workout.

So after a pretty fast pace out, I am pretty sure I had a tale wind, I turned around at Riverside and headed south. Three miles from Riverside I looked down and felt the awesome feeling of knowing I have a flat and that I jinxed myself by saying earlier that it would be ok that I didn't have my pump. Thankfully after a few phone calls I was able to reach Greg Gallagher and he saved the day. The ride back in the car was way better than having to walk 10 miles in cycling shoes or bare feet.

So the great workout was cut short but in the end, the event just shows how important being part of such a great club like Tri-Fusion. There are so many people that will drop what they are doing to help each other out. Tri-Fusion Rocks!


LORIE said...

Bummer dude. . . . I have sooooooo been there but on a different scale than yourself! I am also grateful for TEAM!

jessithompson said...

Being stuck is the worst feeling - glad Greg was able to help out!