New and Improved BLT

Today I test rode the bike I have been interested in buying. I was really excited to get out on the bike and see what it could do. I was so excited I totally forgot my heart rate monitor and watch. I didn’t have my bike computer on it so I was riding on nothing but feel. I look back on all the times I use to ride with nothing but the bike under me and now with all these fancy gadgets you think you are lost without them. I know they are extremely important for training but I actually really enjoyed the ride today just pushing myself as hard as I could go and just trying to keep up with the group.

I left my house and headed down the hill to Dave and Jaime Lawrence’s place to meet up with the group before we started the loops. The 5 mile ride there was nice because of these crazy bar end shifters were going to take some getting use to. I should up a few minutes early and was able to catch up with a few people and then we hit the road. Since I had no idea how fast I was going, I just tried to ride at a good pace and see what happened.

The first loop was pretty good. I tried to latch on with Roger, Jessi and Greg but the quickly dropped me so I joined Jeff Blackwell to finish the loop. He is a great rider and it was nice to push myself on the new bike and it felt great. I really wanted to test out all aspects of this bike and was excited to be able to climb the two Death Hills in aero position.

The second loop started out a bit easier and once again when we hit TJ Meinach the hammer was put down and we were off. For some unknown reason I was once again in the lead passing the golf course. My legs were exhausted because of such a radical position change from my old bike to the new one and once we hit the same hill, I was passed like I was JOGGING, not standing still, WHOOO WHO. I actually realized that I have hamstrings and they can be used while you are riding a bike. I was still a bit behind and since my legs were tired I wasn’t sure if I was going to catch up. After a quick mishap with Jeff’s computer I was back with the group and we headed for home.

I was about 1 mile from Dave’s house when I tried to shift and dropped the front derailleur cable. I am amused on how much bike lingo I am beginning to pick up. Derailleur, cassette, chain ring. . . . . . Ok well maybe I don’t have that much of the lingo down but I am sure working on it. After a quick fix we road back to the house and I decided I was buying the bike. I really can’t wait to get out and race. Here’s to taking another big step in my triathlon life and let’s hope it pays off. Sorry for not having any pictures but I was just going to fast for the shutter to pick me up :)

Thanks to the Thompson's for the ride home. I am pretty sure it would have been a miserable ride home as the temperature dropped like a rock. I even had a doctor check-up. Emma made sure that my ears had no infections, my mouth was good and she even did an eye exam. Thanks for the healthy food tips too. When I was four I am pretty sure all I thought about was candy, she is naming of one good food after another. Darn Cute!!


Tiffany said...

Fun to see you for 5 seconds at the ride! I'm so glad to hear that you had a great ride and liked the bike! That is awesome that you are going to buy it!

I am also very impressed with your bike lingo! "Dropped the front derailer cable"? That sounds way cooler than me talking about quarter round! :)

Glad to hear Dr. Thompson said you were in good shape. She has taught me some good nutritional tips as well! Try putting Jiffy and Adams peanut butter in front of her and have her choose which one is "better for her body!" Too cute!

jessithompson said...

Nice ride on Tuesday! You looked great on the new bike. I'm excited for you and know that after riding the silver bullet you'll definitely appreciate the new wheels!

Fun to get to see you for the ride home. You are very good with kids and were quite patient during your 'exam'. Emma adores you - thanks for always going out of your way to be so sweet to her!

Already looking forward to next week's ride! Sorry we missed you at the track tonight.

LORIE said...

Steve: Nice look to the blog! Lovin' the race results! Keep that up! I also like the color! VERY YOU! As for your BLT! Nice. Your training will pay off in racing! I hope to get out and see everyone race!