Back in the Water

So I set my alarm a bit later this morning and was up and out of bed by 5:20 am. I was off to the gym to get my long awaited swim in. I really didn’t think about it but I am pretty sure this is my first swim since last Wednesday. This is way too long and with a big race coming up, this can not become habit. As I walked through the doors I thought something was extremely wrong. I looked around the entire pool, it was so quiet, the swim lane was open and there was not a single person anywhere. WHOA, WHOA! How could I be so lucky?

Thanks to Kathi and her Sunday workout, I had myself a plan and I was ready to go. After getting all ready I hit the water and was struck by this foreign feeling of liquid surrounding my body. Had it really been this long? Did I even remember how to swim? After a quick warm-up I moved through the sets and felt pretty good. I was pretty consistent on my splits throughout the entire workout and hopefully that can carry through to my longer swims. The workout was only about 2300 meters (I didn’t do the entire Sunday workout) but it felt great to get back in the water and I am looking forward to joining the group swim again this Sunday.


LORIE said...

A pool. . . Steve. . . you're right! WHOA! I am sure the "group" looks forward to your rejoining them.

Tiffany said...

A completely empty pool? Nice reward for getting up early to get your swim in. There is nothing better than walking in and seeing the water looking like a sheet of glass! Have a great swim tomorrow! Hopefully I'll see you there next week!

jessithompson said...

Niiice. I love an empty pool... all the crazies make you appreciate it, that's for sure. Fun to swim with you this morning. Great job pushing yourself and always being game to learn something new!