Tak'er Easy

The last couple days have been spent try to relax my foot. When I woke up Thursday morning there really was no improvement. My ankle was tight and it was still a bit difficult to walk normally. I iced throughout the day hoping to make my workout I scheduled with Tim. Early in the afternoon I knew there was no way I was going to be able to run. I thought about trying to jump on the bike for a bit but rest would be the best thing I could do. I decided I would not workout at all and try to let the ankle heal. After Tim and Andy’s workout I joined them for some Gorgonzola fries at the Downriver Grill. This was the first time I have tried these and have to admit they were pretty good. Word of advice, get the smaller portion unless you are feeding an army. We then needed to fill our weekly sweet tooth and got some awesome shakes at Maggie Moos.

Since there seems to be no running and probably no biking in the near future I woke up early Friday morning and headed to the pool. I met up with Sheena and explained to her how to read the Sunday workouts. I have lately been neglecting the pool and with this darn injury I will have made it into the pool three times after Sunday. SWEET!! Maybe I will get back into the swing of things this weekend but only if the achilles decides to cooperate.


Tim Swanson said...

No worries on missing the run, dude. There'll be plenty more. And besides, the fries and shakes are what its really about, so you made it to what counts!