Speed Work and Thai Food

Today was the first speed workout of the year. These workouts are never really fun but they are extremely important in order for you to improve in your overall run speed. Jessi and I started out doing a real nice 15 minute warm-up run away from their house towards Wandermere. For some strange and in hindsight not so smart of me we decided to head towards Mill hill. After are warm-up we started our 20 minute speed work. The plan was to do 30 seconds at 5k pace and then 30 seconds at a slow recovery jog.

Well, we both started out pretty good and were recovered after the first few 30 second sprints. At some point the 5k pace we were suppose to be running at during the sprints turned into all out runs and then slower jogging between. I have done similar workouts like this in the past but usually always on a track. As we reached Mill hill we were on our 8th interval and decided to head down the hill. The only problem was once we reached the bottom it was time to turn around and head back finishing up the final 10 intervals. Sprinting down the hill was pretty dang hard but was easy in comparison to sprinting up.

All I could think about was that I just want to get to the top and start running on flat ground again. After three of the most painful and difficult intervals we finally reached the top. At about this point the 30 second break reached about 45 but we were back at the sprinting. It was difficult to finish the last few but the great thing about working out with someone is that each of your push the other person and in the end you both get a better workout. Thanks Jessi.

After the run I joined Jessi, Emma and Mark Hodgson for some Thai food. This is my first experience and I have to say it was a good one. The funniest part of the whole night was listening to little 4-year-old Emma know everything about the menu and I was just sitting there we a confused look on my face. She is far more cultured then I am, boy I have to get out more:).

We started out with some fresh rolls that were very good, and for dinner we had Pad Thai Chicken, Gang Panang curry and I think Chicken Pra Ram. I wish I could tell you what my favorite was but they were all good and I am not quite sure which was which. Anyways, first Thai experience was a success.


LORIE said...

I believe that you haven't experienced Thai food until you have it at least 4 stars. . . .but you with Mark so you had it at the most. . . 2 stars. Try it!

jessithompson said...

TOUGH WORKOUT! Thanks for the push... fun to share the dinner too. You were adventurous!