Saturday Events

This weekend began with a great Saturday morning run with TEAM Superstahh. I met Phaedra at here house around 8:00 for the St. Georges trail run. This was my first experience running this trail and boy was it a treat. We started off at a nice warm-up on the road on our way towards the trailhead. This trailhead starts not with a nice welcoming sign but a long steep hill of sand. For a second I thought I might have been dreaming because it felt like I was running on some beach in Antarctica, will this weather EVERY change?

It was a really great run that lasted about 1:15. There are many steep hills and quick descents throughout the run. I had forgotten how demanding trail running is on your ankles and the ground is not near as flat as a road. I was also amazed on how fast Phaedra is running downhill. I could barely keep up with her. She kept saying “stride out” and I was amazed on how fast she would increase the distance between us. She is one heck of a runner.

The first half of the run we were able to talk about our racing experiences and realized that we are going to be doing much of the same events over the next couple years. Right now we are both focused on half-ironman distances and next year we are graduating up to the big one. The second half was a bit quieter due to the negative split and the fact that I was trying to keep up but it was still a great experience and I am looking forward to the next one.

When we got back I was treated to a great breakfast and if this happens every time I run with Phaedra you can count me in. YUMMM!! Thanks P.

The rest of Saturday was spent working on a side landscape job and then I went to a friend’s house to watch the UFC. I am not sure how many of you are interested in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighting but over the last few years we have really enjoyed the monthly events. Some people feel the sport, and yes I said sport, is barbaric but if you have an understanding of how technical each discipline is you have a real respect for the time and commitment these guys put in. I really like to compare the mental and training of MMA to that of the triathlons. Technique is such a key in both sports and how the smallest flaw can cost you minutes on a swim and the bike or give your opponent the second he needs to win the fight.

Afterwards we headed out to a local watering hole and lived up the night. It was great to get out and forget about the week and clear the mind. I should have gone to bed a bit earlier but whatcha gonna do.


Phaedra Cote said...


Thanks a ton for joining me and yes, you can always count on breakfast! I ran way harder than I would have had you not been there. Thanks for pushing me! I started to think about the downhills after you left and I realized maybe it was a combination of letting the hill carry the length of my stride but also having quick feet when I did hit the ground. My guess is that the key to fast downhill running has less to do with striding out and more to do with having your feet spend as little time on the ground as possible (if that makes any sense).

As far as UFC, oh boy-you have something in common with my husband. He watches those fights any chance he gets......maybe you could join him one of these nights and I'll get lost. He and his friends order the fight and they have 'fight night'. Lots of testosterone!

Can't wait for next week! I only have a 1 hour run because I'm tapering down for Wildflower. Hope you can join me again!



Michael W. Bergquist said...

I've told you this before, but I often find myself motivated by your constant efforts to improve. You seemed to be really eager when you came to FAFB to train, but just keep pushing day to day. It takes me back to when I was making the transition to triathlon from being a sprinter at EWU, but you're doing much more than I was. It won't be long until you start achieving things that seem unreal now. So thanks for helping motivate me to make it through the training I have to suffer through. Also, May 1st is always the first day Amanda and I do a lake swim every year. I can't promise you it will be pleasant, but it will be short and crazy fun!

Chris said...

Dear Steve,

I have found new respect with UFC because those guys achieve their peak physical conditions without the use of supplements or enhancers. To me it just goes to show that no matter how hard you try, there are limits to the physical body, and when you see people who are just ridiculously built and huge, you know that it isn't 100 percent natural. So I definitely salute those MMA guys for their dedication.

jessithompson said...

Way to go, buddy. I second Michael's comment. May 1st open water swim. I say we do it!

Tiffany said...

Sounds like a tough run! Nice job! Glad you were able to do it with Phaedra and that the 2 of you were able to push one another. Keep up the good work!

Also, I'm with you on the UFC. At first, I thought it was stupid, but once my hubby gave me some background on all of the training they do, I was pretty impressed. I'm not a big fan of when they get all sweaty, bloody, and tired and lay on each other's shoulders, though. That doesn't quite do it for me. :)