Saturday Ride

This morning began like most of my December mornings, ohh wait, isn't it April. When I pulled the curtain back this morning it was snowing. There was a nice inch on my car and I am supposed to go for a long ride this afternoon with a few of the Tri-Fusion gang. So after getting out of bed around 7 am, and only because I could not sleep in, I finally cleaned my house and tried to get laundry done so I had some clothes for the ride. After a short call to the Thompson's to make sure we were still goin, and a few smart ass comments :) about manning up, I headed out for the ride.
At 1:30 we all met down at Wandermere for a 2.5 hour ride. The ride started off pretty wet and when you are drafting off someone you get a little mud on your face. About halfway through the ride the sun came out and the rest was pretty nice. After we reached Riverside the fast riders (Roger, Jessi and Jeff) took off at a crazy fast pace leaving Tim and I to try and pick up our jocks and try and catch up. I watched as everyone pulled away on the hill heading out of Riverside and finally caught Tim just before Deer Park.
Roger, Jessi and Jeff waited for us a few miles from Wandermere and it was all I had left to stay with them all the way back. I really wanted to take it easy and cruise in at a nice pace but I wanted to push myself and ride with the best. They were probably going pretty easy but for me it was a struggle. I made it back in one piece and had a nice 2:15 minute ride and 45 miles under my butt. Overall this was a good day and I was glad I didn't let the weather keep me inside.


LORIE said...

Is there mud on your face? Better that than egg. . . hehehe.

One of my new year resolutions was to not be so cheesy. . . how am I doing?

I digress. . . . . I bet your fitness has improved so much! You are doing a great job! A+

Tiffany said...

That mud was well earned! At least you were able to draft, right? I have a feeling my face would have been perfectly clean... :)

Nice job!

jessithompson said...

You did a great job, buddy. Those kinds of rides make you stronger. TOUGH... well done.

Tim Swanson said...

Thanks for the encouragement today...and way to hang in there with those guys the last part. You are kicking my butt!!!
Can't wait for the next ride!