BLT- Finally 2 Loops

The second BLT was a success. The weather from last weekend stuck with us just long enough to enjoy a two of our loops. This week we met at Tim’s house and I am pretty sure they weren’t’ waiting for me but as soon as I got there we were off. As I left I realized my heart rate monitor was not reading correctly or if it was is was heading to my death bed. When I looked down it was over 200 and I wasn’t even working hard. After a quick rewetting of the sensors is was good to go.

On the first loop we all started out at a nice cruising pace. Everyone was catching up about last weekend and just getting their bike legs under them. I thought mine would have been sorer after the long weekend but they really felt good. There are few step hills, Death Hill #1 and Death Hill #2, and on the first loop they were a bit of a struggle. At least for almost everyone except for Martin, who on his new steed went flying by like I was walking. As soon as we made it across TJ Meinach it was time to put the hammer down. In years past this is where I would really enjoy my time all by myself. This is where everyone takes off and I am left in the dust. Well that was last year and now I am able to hang on to the rear tires of these speed demons. It was definitely not easy but it was a ton of fun riding down the road at those speeds. We were all there for the workout but it was like racing. Guys are weaving in and out and passing, it was way to much fun.

The second loop started much like the first except for Tim and I had a small bet to see if we could ride up the death hills in seated position. This is definitely not an easy task but we both did it and I was even able to climb both in aero position. I think Sunday’s ride may have paid off. When we passed the bridge I just happen to be pulling everyone pass the golf course. This is one thing that I am definitely not comfortable with at this point. I always feel like I am going way to slow because of the speeds we average when anyone else is leading the group. So I am out front pushing to keep the pace up and feeling OK. We round one of the corners and up ahead is a small hill. I know that everyone is going to pass me but all I can hope is that I can latch on to the last tire and start drafting. Sounds like a good idea right?

As soon as the hill started the first bike went flying by and then the second, third and so on. Before I new it everyone was past me and pulling away. I was supposed to be hooked on the last tire and trying to recover from my pulling session. That idea was out the window and now it was all I could do to not let everyone leave me behind. I finally made it to the top of the hill and started to push and catch up. I had to draft behind a 4-Runner, a really nice wind break, until they felt comfortable to pass the riders. By the end of the loop I had caught the first group and we were doing out best to catch the leaders. I think we may have but ran out of road. It was awesome to ride with the big boys and maybe I can pull more in the future.

Afterwards I met Tim and his wife Andy for some ice cream at Maggie Moo’s. I ordered an awesome Peanut Something (Reese’s peanut butter ice cream, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Reese’s pieces, peanut butter and fudge) or heart attack in a cup, but it was delicious. Down with another BLT and looking forward to next weeks loops.


Tiffany said...

Nice work! I'm really excited for you that you are seeing so much improvement compared to last year. Sounds like you have really been pushing yourself lately! Way to go!

jessithompson said...

All the pushing will definitely pay off! Missed riding with you guys for sure!

Tim Swanson said...

Good times, good times. These workouts are getting better and better, but mainly because of the post-ride/run food adventures. Oh yeah, guess the workouts themselves are good too. Hmmm, Rookie Magic, Huckleberry Ale, Peanut Butter ice cream....what will be next?!?!

LORIE said...

Ice cream kicks ass! I love it. Good job rewarding yourself afterward. . .although we need to have the Peanut butter talk. Thanks for your comments

Trish said...

Can I just say that your "heart attack in a cup" sounds so AMAZING! I am a peanut butter and chocolate fiend, and that ice cream treat sounds like the ultimate reward. Good choice friend...good choice :)