Bike Loop Tuesday (BLT)

Today was the first BLT (Bike Loop Tuesday). The loop consists of riding from 7-Mile bridge up to T.J. Menach bridge and then back. The loop is about 16 miles. I have scheduled to get off work at 4:00 so I can get home and then ride down to where everyone meets. This week Kirk Wood-Gaines allowed us to meet at his house and garage. After arriving it was great to see how many people showed up. Last year I went to quite a few of these rides and there were never 17 people. It was awesome to see everyone so excited about riding the first loop of the season. I was excited about using my new bike computer and tires. On the ride down I could definitely tell a difference on the tires but the computer cadence reader was not working. Apparently the dang magnet has to be even closer than that. So much for it working on this ride, maybe I can get it fixed by the next ride.
The first loop was pretty good. I was riding with the front group until Death Hill #1. This is when the group began to break apart. Jessi and Roger took off leaving the rest of us to catch up. I rode with Tim, Vicky, and Steve R. for the remainder of the loop. As we were pulling into Kirk's house to wait for everyone to start the second loop it started to rain. This was not your normal rain, but more of a spring downpour. So we all sat in the garage waiting and waiting and waiting for it to stop and in the meantime wondering what happen to Martin (doing the second loop all by himself). After about an hour of waiting everyone decided to head to Red Robin. Since I rode down to the ride, I made my way home and headed to the restaurant.
It was great to get out with everyone and enjoy their company. All I have to say is "ROOKIE MAGIC". Enough said.


Michael W. Bergquist said...

I always find your approach to this sport rather refreshing. Seeing how committed you are motivates me. You're going to have a great season Mr. Work Horse.

Tiffany said...

Nice job on this ride! I'm glad to hear you like your new tires. Once you get your cadence reader working, you'll be golden. Those things are picky. They have to be in just the right spot to work. I've definitely yelled some choice words at mine more than once! ;)

Tim Swanson said...

Oh, hell yeah, ROOKIE MAGIC!!! I think we need to figure out how to make 'em ourselves, then bring all the fixin's with us to all workouts!

jessithompson said...

Nice job at the BLT, buddy! Fun to see you there, hang in the garage, and then enjoy some treats afterwards... great memories!