Mini-Tri Friday

I crawled out of bed this morning heading for the pool to get a nice early morning swim in. I hadn’t swam since Monday so it was time to get back in and work on some drills and technique. I called to see if Sheena wanted to join me and I am thankful she did. I think it help me get out of bed knowing she was waiting on me. Before I left I had to make sure that I packed everything for a bike ride and run this evening over at the Gallaghers. I am not sure what is more stressful. The few hours before a race or trying to make sure you have everything packed.

The swim was nice. We really didn’t go for much distance it was just a day of working on the stroke and kick boards. One of my weaknesses in the pool is my kicking. During a race you don’t want to rely on the kick but if you have the endurance then it is just that much more speed during your race.
After work I headed over to the Gallagher’s to meet up with Roger and Jessi for a short ride before our Friday Pizza Run. The ride was great except for the weather and the hill we had to tackle on the way back. Roger was off and gone like usually but Jessi and I were able to push each other on the way back. The roads were pretty wet and my bald tires just barely hung on.
When the ride was over we started out on our brick run. Tonight I ran with Tim Swanson. We both run about the same pace and we are able to push each other to help us improve. The pace started out pretty slow but at the end we were cruising. According to his fancy watch we were sub-6 minute pace on the run to the finish. It was a great 5.5 mile run. The pizza and brownies were awesome afterwards.


LORIE said...

I do not like BRICKS. Good for you to doing it!

Tiffany said...

Nice work on your mini-tri and on a Friday no less! These group workouts are awesome in that they help you push yourself and others! Way to go!

jessithompson said...

Way to go... and those mile times with Tim are NUTS! You're a great runner! Thanks for bringing the pizza - yummy!