Sunday Swim and Run

After skipping out on the last Sunday's swim there was no way I could miss two in a row, right? I was a good kid last night and decided to lay pretty low because I knew I had a tough day of workouts ahead of me. I went to the swim and we had the largest turnout so far. I think there were 29 people all together and 11 people in our lane. I was the last swimmer (still) and had to do all I could to keep from Roger catching me. I think he slowed up near the end of a few to make sure he was able to finish the entire set. It was great to get back to swimming with the entire gang and I am hoping the work will payoff in the open water swims.
When we finished the swim workout a few of us (Jessi, Roger, Tim, Vicki and I) went out for a 1:30 run. We really didn’t have a route or pace but we all needed to get the miles under us and it went pretty good. We ended up running ABOUT 9.813 miles, thanks Roger, which was about 1:25. I felt pretty good throughout the run. I fell behind heading up Mill hill towards Whitworth but by the end my legs felt surprisingly strong. This is not close to the 13.1 miles I have to run in less than 2 months but it was nice to get out and run with the group. After yesterday's long ride I probably would have cut the run short or not done it at all if I was by myself. Thanks guys.
Getting home around 12 and having all my workouts done it felt pretty good. Since yesterday's ride was a mudfest, I knew it was time for a thorough cleaning. This is the first time I have really needed to clean my bike from a ride and decided to give Roger's technique a try. If you remember from an earlier post I had my own method but since it was not raining that wasn't going to happen. It definitely took me some time but boy was it clean when I got done. Bling, Bling!


jessithompson said...

Nice job on all those workouts. And I will say I was impressed with how nice and shiny your bike was on Tuesday.

Tiffany said...

Glad you made it to the swim this week! Way to get those workouts in! And to have them done by noon? Priceless!

I got my bike nice and muddy today so I'll be watching Roger's video again to clean it tomorrow. Wish me luck!