Long Day!!

This morning started out with the weekly Sunday morning swim. After last week I was pretty excited to see if there was any improvement. Last week I was swimming on about 4 hours of sleep and last night after a good night’s rest I should have been ready to go, right? WRONG! This week we started out with one of my least favorite pool activities, kick drills! There is just something about my kicking technique that is just not on par with the rest of the group. I feel like Nemo except instead of one bad flipper, I have two. After finally making it through all the drills we were off and swimming.

We did some unique sets of 200 and I quickly realized that I was not feeling near as fast as I had hoped. I had to sit out 50 on each of the final two hundred sets. Count: -100m. Next we did some crazy 100 meter sets on 1:30. That means that if you can swim a 50 in 45 seconds you get absolutely no rest and since that is my typical pace I was pretty much going to have to swim 1000 meters at a sprint pace. Unfortunately I had to sit out the frist 50m on two different occasions, not my idea of training. Count: -200m.

After the 200's we had a nice cool down and then started the picture session. If you have ever made it to a Sunday swim you know Jessi will always have the camera out. Today’s photo shoot included some awesome handstands by Jessi and Tiff and some rather pathetic attempts by me. I think the fact that I am almost a foot taller they had a huge advantage but at least I gave it a try.
After the pictures I was able to finish up on my final 200 meters and finished the 3,400 meter swim. I really would like to thank Jessi for all the encouragement throughout the swim. She could definitely tell I was struggling but was always trying to push me along.

I would also like to throw a quick shout out to all the Tri-Fusion people who rode in the Lilac Century. The picture below was taken in honor of all who completed the 10(2) mile ride. When I first started these swims it was Tiffany, Tim and Jessi who welcomed me into their little group and I really can’t remember the last time we all swam together. I guess that is what happens during race season. After another long day I finished my side job and got home in just in time to jump on my bike and go for a short ride. After getting so excited about the new bike this was only the second time I was able to ride it this week. I was kind of nervous to see how the Achilles held up and was pretty excited to see it didn’t bother me to much. I could feel some discomfort on the hills but overall I was back in action. Afterwards I joined Tim, Andy, Matt and Jessi for some great food and conversation at the Onion. It is really great to hang out with everyone and talk about their rides. Another great end to a crazy and busy week.


Tiffany said...

Nice job at the swim! Lane A had a serious butt kicker of a workout and you rocked it! Way to hang in there!

I crack up every time I look at those handstand pictures! Deeper water next time? Bring it on!!!! :)

Glad to hear the achilles didn't bother you too much on your ride. I hope it's continuing to heal and feel better!

jessithompson said...

The swim was a blast. I'm always inspired by how hard you're willing to push yourself. Believe me, that was a tough workout. And for the days when you just don't feel 'it'... those are the days that make you appreciate it when you do. Way to go, buddy!