Guilty Swim

As I woke up this morning I was not quite sure what the day was going to hold. I was feeling pretty good after a long nights rest so I packed my bag with my running and swimming gear. You just never know what you will need or when you will need it.

I sat through work wondering what I was going to do for my workout. I know many triathletes have detailed training plans that they follow religiously, but at this point I have not taken those steps. I completely understand the importance and soon enough I will bit the bullet and hire a trainer. I have talked with multiple people and all they can do is praise the support and structure having a trainer provides.

As I was on my way home I decided to head to the gym. Since I was a big slacker yesterday and skipped out on the swim I decided it was time to make it up. After a quick call to Greg and Natalie to write down yesterday’s workout I hit the pool. The workout was a tough 3,500 meters swim with ladders.

Once again, going to the pool in the middle of the evening is NOT a good idea. This was the picture I took shortly after arriving (just kidding but it sure felt like that). After standing on the edge waiting for the three women standing in the lap lane to move, I had to just jump in and swim in the middle with all the kids. There was some lady playing fetch with a few kids and would deliberately cross right in front of my path. Eventually she left and the aerobics class surged into the pool. I had been trying to get over into the lap lane but I really need to finish my set and was dodging water dumbbells. Ohh boy was it exciting, these damn people think they own the pool.

Finally the three ladies that were in the lap lane shuffled on over to the aerobics side and I thought I would finally be able to get in a good set. Unfortunately I was not the only one needing the lap lane. There were two very nice but slow ladies who worked with me to make sure we could all get our workout in. Why can’t everyone be so nice.

The workout was extremely tough. All I could think about was the WTF faces I received yesteday and how that can't happen again:) I was pretty shot after the second ladder but had about 1600 meters to go. I finished strong and even threw in a few flip turns during the workout. They were definitely not pretty but it was sure interesting try to flip when you can hardly breathe.


jessithompson said...

Swimming during 'family swim' time is enough to motivate me to get up early. It's not good for blood pressure... sounds like you rallied regardless. Niiiice.

Tim Swanson said...

Can't wait to trade "awesome pool workout" stories from the weekend!

LORIE said...

This picture cracked me up! I enjoy you posts.