Cougar Basketball Friday

I know this blog is centered on my triathlons and training but today neither of those happened so I am going to write about another very important part of my life. Washington State Cougars. I am a diehard Coug and I bleed crimson. Tonight I headed up to Morty's on the south hill to watch the Cougars take on the Stanford Cardinal for the third time this season. We had lost the previous two, third times a charm right?

Yesterday I was suppose to head up and meet the same group to watch the Cougs take on the Ducks but was not able to make it, because of the many hours I spent cleaning my bike:) So over the course of last night's game they sent me a number of text messages and I thought I would post a few (thanks for the idea Jessi). I had a pretty good laugh:

1) Don't be lame! Come watch the game!

2) Come cheer and drink some beer!

3) Don't be dumb. Come get ya some.....Drinks!

4) Take a ride and come show your pride.

5) Get off the can and come be a Coug fan!

6) Quit stretching your legs we're tapping the keg!

7) Stop crying me a river and come ruin your liver!

8) I'm feeling so low that u did not show :-(

9) Quit being a phony come root for Tony!

I must admit that I was pretty bummed I didn't join them but I did listen to the game. To avoid the future onslaught of text messages and to hang with a few friends I went up and joined the crew. It was great to hang out with everyone even though we lost for the third friggen time. We are going to make the NCAA tourney for the second year in a row and we can root them on in the next game.


Trish said...

Those text messages were hilarious! As a first grade teacher, I can always appreciate a good rhyme! Glad you got to break away from the business of training to hang out with some friends. It makes for a good weekend! Sorry about the Cougs :(

Tiffany said...

Are you sure it wasn't my friends sending you those texts? Sounds like we hang out with the same type of people!

I wish the Cougs luck in the tourney this year. I wish I could talk some $%#@ and say GU will do better, but it's not looking that way!

jessithompson said...

Ha, ha! I was going to make some teacher comment about how smart your friends are, but Trish already beat me to it! ;) The tourney should be really interesting...