Young and Dumb

After a long night of being young and dumb I rolled over to look at my clock: 8:05. Shit, I am supposed to be in the pool right now getting warmed up for the Sunday swim. I knew I was going to hear it. As you can see from the photo, this is the WTF face you get when you don't show up.
I was fortunate to be invited to the post swim workout breakfast even though I didn’t swim. It was great to see everyone even though I felt like a complete (lazy)ass. I really take it to heart when I say I am going to be somewhere and then don’t hold up my end of the bargain. After a great breakfast at Twigs (huckleberry pancakes rock, even if you have to eat every last bit), I headed home. Somewhere in my morning stupor I agreed to join Jessi and Tiffany for a nice 1.5 hour trainer ride. I am pretty sure this must have occurred right after eating my awesome pancakes because this would have never happened if I wasn't on a sugar high. I am looking pretty tired. Oye.
When I got home I decided it would be a good idea to take a quick nap before the ride. It was nice to actually feel the comfort of my bed (since I can’t remember how it felt last night). When the alarm went of about 45 minutes later the last thing I wanted to do was climb out of bed. All I could think about was that I wouldn’t let them down twice in one day. Pulling myself out of bed I loaded up the car and headed to Jessi’s.
It was a fairly good workout. It was definitely a tough one and I would probably have wasted the entire day if I didn’t schedule it before I left breakfast. I really rely on Tri-Fusionites to help get me motivated on the days when all I want to do is absolutely nothing. We had a great time but you could definitely tell on everyone’s faces that they were glad it was over.

After I got home for the second time, I ate some dinner and pretty much hit the sack. Today marked the first time this year I went to sleep before it got dark. This will occur many times, especially with the morning training, but it is always strange.


jessithompson said...

We were honestly laughing and had to try to get serious to take this picture for you. At least we wanted you there, right?! LOL! You were a good sport about it all and it was so nice to have people to workout with for the ride... that was tough. Even though it was just a sprint in terms of distance, it takes a lot of mental energy to get psyched up for it. I was tapped, but I was so glad I didn't slack off, thanks to you and Tiff.

Tiffany said...

I think my favorite thing about the club is the accountability. I know just how you feel skipping a work out and then feeling crappy about it afterward - hence the nice little picture Jessi and I took for you! :)

I'm very impressed that you not only rode after eating 10 pounds of pancakes, but that you also got up from a nap to join us. That's hard core! Glad you were there so that we could all "just keep biking!"

Tim Swanson said...

Hot damn, dude. Way to rally and get one workout in. Glad to hear that you were helping a brother out so I wasn't drinking alone Sat night! :) Sucks I missed the fun this w/e...can't wait to get back into w/ ya Friday!!

LORIE said...

WHAT? How can I get in on those post parties without the workout??? Perhaps being a hot young man helps. . . . obviously!