The Sweet 16

Today was a pretty up and down day. I woke up this morning extremely excited because the Cougars were in the Sweet 16 for the first time in history. The game was at 4:30 so I was going to get to leave work a bit early. I had reserved a table at a local food and beverage establishment and we were going to cheer the Cougs to victory. You know the saying, “You can’t hit the broad side of a barn”, that was the Cougs shooting effort tonight. They were never able to get on any role and when you are playing the best team in the country, you need to be making your shots. Long sad story short, we did not win the game. But they did make it to the Sweet 16 only two years after being last in the Pac 10 so it really was a successful season. It was great to see many of the Cougars come out of the woodwork and show their support. If I have learned anything during my time at WSU, it is to cherish moments like this because it can be gone in a flash.
After the game I headed north to the Gallagher’s for our weekly headlamp run. Since headlamps are no longer needed I will now refer to them as the TPR (Thursday Pizza Run). Since a good portion of us were heading down to Lewiston the weekend the group decided to turn it into a short brick workout. Brick workouts consist of doing two of the three triathlon events back to back.

Since I had to watch the game I did not make in time for the bike workout but it was good to join everyone for the run. I did the first loop with Natalie, Tia and Tiffany. This was more of a recovery run so the pace was nice and easy. It was a good time to talk about the upcoming race. After I finished with them, Roger and Jessi were heading out for their loop and since I missed the bike workout I decided to join them and actually felt like I did something for the day.
Afterwards we all sat around and had some pretty interesting conversations and talked about the race in Lewiston. I am definitely excited to get down there and race.


jessithompson said...

Pretty interesting conversations, eh? ;) "Roger, Greg... GET UP HERE!" Don't worry in another month it won't even phase you! LOL!

Tiffany said...

I was wondering if you could go more in depth with the "interesting conversation" that was had? Ha ha ha!

Sorry about the Cougs. I can't give you too much sympathy, though, considering my Zags did much worse this year!

Also, I like that you have renamed the HLR's TPR's. I like it!