Saturday Brick Workout

Today I tackled my first Greenbluff loop of the season. The weather hasn’t really been cooperating for the outdoor riding season and during the last few rides I have borrowed some shoe covers to help keep the toes warm. Well it was time to buy my own since they are pretty much a mandatory item for cycling up here in the northwest. I really can’t believe how much crap there is to buy for this sport. It’s not like you are only buying gear for one sport but three and there always seems to be something that I don’t have and really need. That's me trying to figure out my new toys.
So after taking forever to get ready and everyone seeming to wait for me, we were ready to go. We had a pretty large group as six of us headed out for a loop that included the following: From Wandermere Starbuck’s (of course), to Mead and out Peone Rd, up to the top of Greenbluff and down the back side, out to Highway 2, north about 10 minutes and back to Wandermere. It was a nice 43 mile ride.

So back to these shoe covers. I am not sure what it was but my feet turned into blocks of ice. I am pretty sure it was because my shoes were too tight but there was nothing I could do to warm them up. You would think after the 3 mile or so climb up Greenbluff your entire body would be warm. Well, it was all except for my feet. But I was able to make it back and all I could think about was pouring a hot cup of coffee on my toes. Isn’t that what you are supposed to do with a $5 cup of coffee from Starbucks.
The warm toes were going to have to wait as Jessi, Steve R, and I headed out for a 25 minute run. The first half was pretty pathetic as I could only feel my heals. The last half was better but the tingling feeling you get as your feet thaw is not very comfortable especially as you are running down the road. We made it though and I was kind of glad to hear that Jessi’s feet were in the same condition:)
I ended the day hanging out with a few friends for St. Patties Day. In the past I may have went downtown and braved the crazies out at the bars but this year we decided to take it easy. We all went over to my buddies place and chatted it up and had a few beers. It was a pretty relaxing evening and nice to avoid the bars and a typically out of control weekend. Plus I have to get up to make the sunday swim. Don't worry the kid is not mine, I just happen to be holding it when we decided to take the picture.


jessithompson said...

It was a great ride and a great group of folks. I'm glad you decided to come and were even up for the run afterwards. You always have a positive attitude, are willing to do anything, and are FUN to hang with. Lookin' forward to more great workouts this week.

Tiffany said...

Glad I wasn't the only one in some serious toe pain on Saturday! I couldn't agree more about buying stuff for this sport. Just when I think I have everything I need, there is something else I just HAVE to have!

Nice job on the ride! You are hard core!

Tim Swanson said...

Nice job, dude. Way to tough out the numb toes. Getting thru these tough times now will serve you really well once racing season hits. Its never really comfortable...just about how you manage it. I can't wait to get back out there training with ya! Who ever would'a thunk it....a Beav and a Coug trainin' like brothers?!? Good luck to the Cougs this week!!!


Vicki Scates said...

Glad to see you broke down and purchased some booties Steve. Way to tough it out!


Phaedra Cote said...

Yo Steve-O!

Nice work on the training last weekend and thanks for letting me draft off of you at the swim. Go team superstar!

I wish I could race at the snake river sprint with ya but I'll be in California racing that weekend. Make team superstar proud!

keep up the good work!