Easter Sunday started out like the last few Sunday’s with a swim at the Oz. As Tim and I looked at the workout board we both thought it would be easier that the last couple weekends. The distance was a bit longer but it definitely looked doable. The swim started out pretty strong and I was able to keep up in Lane A for the firsts few sets. When we got to the 250m sets, I started to fall behind. I had to sit out the final 50m of each of the first 4 reps leaving me 200 meters behind the rest of the group. The final ten 100m reps were pretty good. I could feel myself getting a bit stronger near the end but I could definitely tell this was a long swim. That is me in the back of the middle lane, this lane is sure fast.
After finishing the 3,750m workout, I had to finish with a 200m swim to complete the entire workout. I actually did four flipturns at one end of each 25m and the first three were pretty good, the forth was not pretty. Tim, Jessi and I stayed after for a bit to get these darn turns down. It is pretty exciting to see how each person is improving but after a few submarine breaches we definitely have some more work to do. These are a few of the guys I have to try and keep up with during the workout. I know someday it may happen but I sure have a lot of work to do. After swim I headed out to my parents to hang out. We had a bunch of family and friends out for some food, Easter egg hunt and just mingling. It was really good to see some of the family. I came home pretty early and was in bed for a nap around 5:00 pm. I considered it a nap because I woke up around 8:00 pm for half an hour but was back to bed for the night. It was kind of nice to get the extra sleep. Maybe it will help take me through the week. This has to be my most productive week of working out I have ever had. It is exciting to see the change.


jessithompson said...

You did amazing in the swim, buddy. When I first started doing the workouts I decided to sit out because I didn't want to get lapped :) and also because it's better to swim the 200 with better form that be flailing for 250... you get the idea. I did that for weeks and weeks until I felt strong enough to be able to do the whole thing.

These workouts are TOUGH and they will definitely make you faster, that's for sure.

Fun to see you and your awesome attitude at the pool, givin' all you had. Nice work!!!

Tim Swanson said...

Yeah, what you didn't say in your post is, "That's me in the back, getting ready to pass Tim, cause he was slowing me up so much" :)
Way to hang in there, and finish it up w/ the 200 + flip turns.

Tiffany said...

You rock! I am so impressed that you swam that last 200 at the end of the workout just to be sure you completed the entire thing. You are incredible! Nice work on the flip turns too! I say we debut our flip turns in Lewiston on Friday, how about you? ;) Ha ha! Can't wait to see next week!

Nice job on your most productive week of working out, too! It's hard work, but once you get going, it feels great! Way to go!

Trish said...

You totally deserve a pat on the back for having such an amazing workout week! Way to go Steve! I feel your pain in the pool as I just bumped up to the B lane. I have to sit out from time to time, but like Jessi said, that will get better. Hang in there and remember, having to sit out in the A lane still means you are a freakin' awesome swimmer! Nice work!