Wednesday Ride

Today I went on my first mid-week ride. In the morning I received an email from Jessi Thompson asking if I were up for a ride at 5:00 pm. I did not have my bike with me but the weather looked awesome and since I have been slacking a bit in the training department, I was excited about getting out on the road. So I left work a bit early and headed home to get my bike.

After arriving at the Thompson's house to meet before the ride, I was excited to hear that Roger and Tiffany were going to join us. I was feeling pretty good and knew Roger has been a bit under the weather so I thought maybe today was the day I could possibly keep up. So we took off and headed out towards Highway 2. And just like before when I think there is the slightest possibility that I can draft off of Roger and Jessi, they began to pull away. This was not after like 5 miles or even 10, but after maybe 2, those two are crazy.

So as they began to ride off into the sunset, I thought well I will just slow down for a second and ride with Tiffany. I had only recently met her and thought it would be a great time to get to know each other. As I turned around there was no Tiffany. Apparently while I was trying to keep up with the Thompson's for those 10 seconds, she missed one of the lights and decided to do her own ride so once again I was alone on the group rides. WooHoo.

If it were not for red lights I would have rode the entire ride completely alone. Fortunately for me but not her, Jessi missed one of the lights that Roger rode through and I was able to catch up. We rode the rest of the hour long ride together. It was actually a very informative ride where Jessi explained to me the importance of "power" while you are pedaling. I am by no means an expert but the amount of power you exert during each pedal should be about the same whether you are ride uphill or on flat ground. I definitely have not been doing this right and was shocked to see how slow you should really go when going uphill.

I am thankful for all the information everyone is willing to share to help each of us reach our highest potential. I can definitely say without everyone in Tri-Fusion I would not be where I am today.

Thank You, Everyone


Trish said...

Props to you for even TRYING to keep up with Jessi and Roger! Those two are amazing! I think it is great that you show up for the group rides, even if you have to ride alone sometimes. The point is that you came! Great job! I totally agree that Tri Fusion is a one-of-a-kind organization and there are a lot of us who wouldn't be where we are today if it weren't for the club. Nice post Steve!

Tiffany said...

I'm so with you on all of the help from members in Tri Fusion. There is so much to learn in this sport and we are so lucky to be surrounded by people who are willing to give it.

Sorry I wasn't there when you turned around. However, if you can keep up with Jessi, there is no way I could keep up with you! I'm glad you stuck to the promise that you wouldn't wait for me! Nice job on your ride!

jessithompson said...

Thanks for the ride this week. Sometimes it really helps just to have a buddy to meet to get my rear end out the door... thanks to you, Tiff, and Rog for the ride.

As for the whole power thing, I'm really new to it myself. I've been learning a lot from Roger mostly, and a few articles and podcasts. I think I'll be doing a post on that soon, so stay tuned.

The cool thing about triathlon is that it's a huge 'pay it forward' kind of thing. You learn and then pass it on to someone else. It's a very neat cycle to be a part of. I was watching Tiffany helping some folks out in the pool the other day and remembering working with her on her stroke just a year and a half ago (man that girl can swim!)... now she's the one helping. Niiiice.

I can just picture it now... Steve's riding with some new guy in the club next year telling him all about riding with power. ;)