Good Ole Sunday

Well last night was one of the biggest party nights in Spokane with ALMOST everyone out at the bars drinking green beer having a good time. I didn't exactly stay home and do nothing but at about 11:30 pm I decided to call it a night. I had to get up and join the Sunday swim group. I have really enjoyed these swims because it pushe myself farther than I could if I were in the pool all by myself.

Once again I was able to get pass the front desk without paying. I am not sure when but my luck will eventually run out. I just hope that it happens after it is warm enough to swim outside in the local lakes. As the Tri-Fusion members filed into the pool it was quickly becoming apparent that Lane B had way to many people. So TEAM Superstar, aka Pheadra and I decided we would jump in at the end of Lane A. I was just glad Roger decided to take this day off which helped out in our transition. Pheadra and I were talking earlier in the week and decided our goal was to join Lane A in about a month and do our best to keep up. Well, if you ask me that was the fastest month I have ever lived through.

Pheadra and I were able to finish the entire 3500 meter swim and still had a tiny bit of energy to practice our flip turns. Everyone else seems to have picked them up pretty quick, me on the other hand is still struggling. I had a few ok turns but I really need to keep practicing. I would like to thank Jessi, Tiffany and Greg for all the tips and encouragement. Eventually we will all be doing flipturns like Flipper.

After the swim we all met at Starbucks and had some good conversation. I think that there is something in Chi Tea that does not agree with me and I think I may have had my last one. I don't look at this as a bad thing, just a way to save a few extra dollars each week.
When we all left I headed out to my folks place to check out the damage from the fire and build myself a small table to raise my monitor off my desk at work. It was good to see the parents and I was pretty excited about how the table looked. Here is a picture of the almost finished product.


Tiffany said...

Nice job on the swim! You rocked it! You had some really great flip turns too! Practice makes perfect...can't wait to do it all again this Sunday.

Nice job on the woodwork! Is there anything you can't do?

jessithompson said...

Whhhaaaaaaaaaaaatt??? On all the workouts we've been on, how you could you neglect the fact that you are a master workworker. Come again?! That is really cool.

Your swim was stellar on Sunday and the flip turns are practically there. I saw you had some awesome ones. Way to go!!!