What!!! Really!!!

Holy Crap!!! I was able to get up and make it to the gym by 5:05. Yes that is in the morning, is the sleeping slump over? I highly doubt it but you wow did it feel good to get to work and know that I was done with my workout.

I needed a little help from a quick phone call, thanks Sheena, but I did get out of bed and hit the pool. Sheena and I spent about 45 minutes in the pool before the spin class. I showed her a few of the drills I have picked up and then we swam a 500m to end the pool session. I think I swam it in 7:45 but it could have been 8:45. I didn't have my watch and the big pool clock was kind of hard to read. Either way it felt pretty good and I was definitely not as tired as I was during my last 500m time trial. We are both heading down to Lewiston along with about 20 other Trifusionites for a great little triathlon next weekend.

After getting out of the pool I thought it would be ok to join a few of my winter workout mates in a spin class. I haven't been for a few weeks since I have been getting outside on the bike. Overall the class felt pretty good and I think my fitness level is at a good stage for this time of year. Still lots of work to do but I am heading in the right direction.


jessithompson said...

Nice work on the morning workouts - those are tough to get out of bed for!

Trish said...

I am totally impressed with your ability to get up SO early! Props to you, and it lookes like it paid off! You are going to do great at Snake River...it will be so fun!

Tim Swanson said...

Well, dude, you are now way ahead of me on the morning workouts. Nice work. Maybe that's why you ran away from me (quickly) at WWC on Saturday?!? Fun racing and swimming with you this weekend. You are now solidly in our lane...no going back now!!
Go Cougs, beat the Heels!