This morning started out very early. When I went to bed last night I set my alarm to make sure I would get up on time for the Sunday morning swim workouts. I recently got a new phone and somewhere around 2 am I heard a beep I hadn't heard before. Naturally I grabbed my phone and tried to open my eyes just enough to read it. After looking and the bright face of the phone, or the face of the sun I couldn’t tell which, I realized I had yet to set my clocks for day light savings. All I can say is thank you Super Phone for making sure I got up early and not miss the workout.
So I was off to the ATM to get money to pay for the workout, as described in my first Sunday swim blog, I am suppose to pay. The first ATM was out of service, since I was running a few minutes late and was wondering if I was going to be able to get to the pool in time. So off to the next bank, thank god this one was working and I was able to get the money. Last time I was able to use my charm to get around the front desk and I though why not this time.

As I was pulling up, I say Phaedra and Laura getting out of their cars. I was like this helps my chances. Walking through the front doors, trying to get into Mr. Smooth mode for the girls at the front desk, to my surprise the girls were not working. I was like this is NOT good. As the young man was distracted by Phaedra and Lauria (who conveniently couldn't find her little pass even though she didn't know it) allowed me to sneak by at Phaedra's insistence. Two for two now, hopefully my luck will continue.
Today was my second workout with the group and today a few of the elite Lane B swimmers decided to upgrade to Lane A. This allowed me to lead our lane for the entire workout. I was pretty stoked to lead and still finish the entire 3000 meter swim. Afterwards Jessi, Tim, Tiffany and I worked on our flip turns. I learned two things during this training session.
1- Practice is very important when it comes to flip turns, as seen in Jessi's improvement over mine.
2- Do not swim behind Jessi when she does her flip turns, just as Tim. Skin was broken and nails ripped off. OUCH.

All that wraps up the morning workout.

This afternoon I went on my second outdoor bike ride. I was really trying to get my stupid Ipod all set up so I had some tunes for the ride. A long frustrating story short, NO friggen music for the ride. Phaedra offered to sing, but I couldn't keep up with her, so no music for me.
We headed out seven mile, back to my old stomping grounds and out Coulee Height Rd. It is a really nice ride and could have been very pleasant. After making it about 20 miles from my house; Roger, Phaedra and I decided we would head back. After a brief conversation from Roger explaining how he was riding with only one lung and that we would all ride together back, we took off.
After about, ohh maybe 20 seconds, Roger and Phaedra started to pull away. All I could think about was how I would trade both of my so called good lungs for the one lung that was powering Roger. Well, after a few minutes of going through every option, none seemed to be feasible. About 25 miles into the ride, I started to get a few stomach pains. I was not sure if it was the pain of watching those two ride away from me like they had gas motors on their bike or something else. I felt like the movie Alien when the little creepy thing comes out of the stomach. The pain didn’t feel very good but if the alien did jump out of my stomach maybe it could help me peddle and catch up. No such luck. I was finally a few miles from home when I got a nice honk from a passer-by. It was Phaedra, she had been back so long that she was able load up her bike and start heading for home. Thanks for pouring it on :) It was great day for a ride with great people.


Trish said...

Hey Steve! I found your blog through Jessi's. Even though I just met you, I thought I would still comment. Because everyone likes getting comments right!?!

Nice double workout on Sunday! Remember...the guy who was working front desk on Sunday at Oz is my cousin, so if you tell him you know me, he will let you in for sure. No sneaking needed :)

Tiffany said...

Nice job leading your lane on Sunday! Sounds like the shoulder was feeling good!

I love your lessons learned about flip turns. Hilarious! Same time, same place next week? We'll just make sure we give Tim and Jessi their own lane so they can beat each other up at a safe distance from us!

Nice job hanging in there on your ride even though you were on your own with no music - that's a tough combo!

jessithompson said...

Hey, buddy. Fun to get to swim and chat on Sunday. You da man! We're on for more next week - for sure!!!

Phaedra Cote said...


I was laughing out loud at your post. First of all, awesome job leading your lane while I suffered and just about got lapped in the "A" lane....those guys are fast! Sounds like Trish has a "connection" at the gym but if you need my assistance, I'll sneak you in any time!

Now, as far as the ride. You forgot to mention that you pulled the group for the first part of the ride-that counts for a lot. And just so you know, I had to hold on for dear life to keep up with Roger and it was painful at times...I had to dig deep and even then, he still dropped me a few times.

Let's keep getting out there and next time we'll make sure you've got your tunes figured out so I don't have to sing. Gosh, all that singing and you couldn't even hear me?

You're always a blast to train with- can't wait to venture out on another ride!


LORIE said...

Oh Stevers. . . . Karmas a BITCH! wink wink

Tim Swanson said...

Hey dude, now I'm wondering why the heck I'm paying the monthly fee at Oz??? Nice work, and great to see you at the swims.
Thanks for coming to the ride, but sorry to hear bout your stomach probs. But, now you have joined a growing fraternity of those of us who have watched Roger steadily pull away on the bike. No worries, though...just being out there means you are pulling away from the rest of your competition who slacked that day! Can't wait to ride w/ ya again soon