Today’s word is perseverance. I had the awesome opportunity to join a few friends and head down the Pullman for the Cougar/Husky basketball game. I was up pretty late last tonight and decided I would sleep in. After getting up way to late I made an executive decision to not workout before I headed down for the game.

The game was awesome. I had not attended a Cougar basketball game in maybe 4 years. For being such a Cougar fanatic, I know it seems strange for not going but when I was a student there we were REALLY BAD. The past is the past and now we are a darn good basketball TEAM. After watching the game all I could think about was how the Cougars persevered throughout the entire game.

Don’t get me wrong, there were times when the Cougar players were really slacking. I watched them during game and all I could think about was how much it looked like the Huskies were out hustling the Cougars. It seemed like an individual player from the Huskies wanted it more, but basketball is not an individual game. You really need to rely on your teammates to help carry you to victory. Triathlons on the other hand are very individual. You are out there pushing yourself relying on your own courage and will to finish each and every race.

There are people that help to cheer you on and are definitely needed. On multiple occasions hearing the cheers from family and friends helped me finish a race but it is really up to you and how bad you want it. Tonight the Cougars did not play there best game but they did persevere and came out on top. Throughout the season I know there will be times when I do not have my best performance but as long as I persevere I know that I can accomplish anything. I leave you tonight with the idea that as long as you believe and never give up you can accomplish your goals. Remember when it gets difficult that you can persevere.


jessithompson said...

Thanks for the reminder, Steve. Great analogy with the cougs...

I remember one race a few years ago where EVERYTHING that could go wrong... did. When I came into T2 I was physically in last place (due to the different wave starts)and was almost in tears. I had gotten my towel stuck in my chain at transition, couldn't get my foot clipped into one of my pedals for the WHOLE ride and had actually gotten lost on the bike course. I wanted to quit so badly. When I saw my daughter and niece in the transition area, I couldn't quit. I couldn't teach them that giving up is okay - I had to show them that even when things get bad, it's important to finish the race you started (if you're physically capable). So, with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, I left for the run. I finished. It was far from glamorous, but I've never regretted it.