Two Great Events

Today was a great day. I was able to get the best of both worlds. The Cougs played at 4:30 this afternoon so I was able to leave work a bit early to get over to Fizzie’s in time to watch the game. I met a few friends and we enjoyed a great first round victory over Winthrop. The game was awesome and we held the Eagles to just 11 second half points. Overall it was a good time as long as you don’t get me started on the service.
After the game I headed out to the Gallagher’s house for the HLR (Headlamp Run), except for this time no headlamps were needed. It was nice to get out and run during the sunset. This was the first HLR we have had in quite awhile and it was good to see everyone and meet a few new runners. Tonight I ran with Natalie, thanks Nat. It was a good pace and we added a new little loop to reach 10K. So far this week I am up to 14 miles, the most I have ran in one week for a very long time. I felt a bit sore afterwards but by the end of the night I was good to go.
We had some great food and company after the run. I stayed after for a bit to discuss the trip to Boise with Greg and Natalie. Greg and I are both racing in the Boise 70.3 on June 1st so there is planning to do with hotels and race day preparations. This is the first race I have flown to and I am trying to figure out how to get my bike down there and hope that I don’t forget anything else. It should be a great trip and one of the races I have been training for all winter long.


jessithompson said...

Nice to have you back at the run, buddy! Fun hangin' out afterwards too. Go Cougs!

Trish said...

It was a really fun run, and everyone was in a great mood because the Cougs had won! It doesn't get much better than that! Great to see you there Steve :)