Thursday Bike Cleaning Session

A few weeks ago a fellow triathlete, Roger posted a blog about how to clean your bike after a dirty ride. There were all these techniques on how to start at the top and work your way down. Also to make sure you wipe it clean when you are down. Wait a minute is this a post about clean your bike or should you be paying to read this website? Well since I have been pretty busy (lazy) and haven’t had a chance to clean my bike I decide to give everyone else the poor man’s version of the “How to properly clean your bike” tutorial.

After my ride yesterday, Jessi said she was going to head out today for another 1 ½ hour ride. So I packed up my bike before I left for work and was all ready to go. I had a late meeting and was unable to join her, plus it was raining pretty good. That didn’t stop Jessi, of course. Hard core.
So since I neglected to clean my bike and my bike was on top of my car and I missed my ride time and it was raining outside, I decided to just head for home. Normally when it rains in Spokane that means my car gets a carwash. Well today I killed two birds with one stone. Not only did my car get washed but my bike received a much needed cleaning. After I got home all I had to do was wipe off the remaining dirt and it was good as new:)

Keep posted for more informative methods for taking care of your bikes.

Ohh yeah, the cougs played the Oregon Ducks today at the Pac 10 tourney and beat them. GO COUGS!


Trish said...

Now that is my kind of cleaning tutorial :) Nice work Steve... nice work!

Hey, I see that you have a myspace page, and since I don't have a blog, I will send you a myspace friend request...

Tiffany said...

Ha ha ha ha! If I didn't live in the ghetto, I would put my bike outside for a cleaning right now! Roger could learn a thing or two from you! ;)

jessithompson said...

You are brilliant!