My Mini Triathlon

Well if you read this week’s posts on my blog you will quickly realize that I had a bit of a slacker effort on working out. There was really no day that I pushed myself hard and I made a decision when I went to sleep last night that today was going to be different.

I was able to wake up on time and was at the gym just after 5:00 am. I spent about 35 minutes in the pool which was actually pretty nice. There regulars obviously do not workout real early on Friday mornings so I was able to share the pool with a couple of nice people. I can really tell my stroke is started to come along. I feel smoother through the water every single time I get in. The endurance is not there right now but I know that will come with time.

After jumping out of the pool I joined the spin class for a nice hour workout. My legs were sore from the squat workout I did yesterday but I still felt pretty good throughout the class. Recently I posted about the importance of showering after swimming in the pool and I probably should have done a better job. I did a relatively good rinse off but probably should have used more soap. I really needed to get on the bike so I didn't take the time I need. Long story short chlorine in the eyes as you sweat your ass off is not fun.

Shortly after the bike I jumped on the treadmill and ran about 1.5 miles. I would have really like to go for 3 miles but I didn't have anything in my stomach and started to feel pretty crappy. I pushed through the last .5 mile and felt pretty good about my day. I know the importance in building a base for the triathlon season but after such a lazy week I knew mentally I needed to push myself. I am looking forward to the weekend to continue my training.


jessithompson said...

Nice job, buddy!

Tiffany said...

Wow! Nice job! You are hard core and very inspiring!